Watch how a telemedicine company expanded marketing efforts and increased daily patient consults with a programmatic solution

Telemedicine has become a popular option for patients who want convenient and accessible healthcare services. However, with the rise of telemedicine, competition among providers has increased, making it challenging for some companies to stand out from the crowd. One such company approached a digital marketing agency for help, seeking to expand their marketing efforts and increase their daily patient consults.

The agency, which specializes in programmatic advertising, conducted a thorough analysis of the client’s current marketing strategy and identified several areas for improvement. One of the primary issues was that the client was not effectively targeting their ideal audience and was not utilizing programmatic advertising, a strategy that uses data and algorithms to automate ad buying and optimize campaigns in real-time.

To solve this problem, the agency recommended a comprehensive programmatic advertising strategy that included targeted display ads, mobile advertising, and social media advertising. The strategy was designed to target the client’s ideal audience, generate more leads, and increase daily patient consults.

After implementing the programmatic advertising strategy, the client saw a significant improvement in their performance metrics. The number of daily patient consults increased by 75%, and the client was able to reach a larger audience while maintaining a low cost per acquisition.

The agency continued to monitor and optimize the programmatic advertising campaigns, making adjustments based on performance data to ensure that the client continued to see positive results. As a result, the client was able to grow their business and increase their revenue while maintaining a high return on their advertising investment.

In conclusion, the programmatic advertising strategy implemented by the agency was able to address the client’s problem of low patient consults and effectively target their ideal audience. By leveraging the power of programmatic advertising, the agency was able to help their client achieve significant growth and success in their marketing efforts.

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