Discover the benefits of using programmatic advertising to reach your target audience and increase conversions.

Attribution tracking helps businesses understand ROAS and increase online sales.

Increase your sales.

A growing number of e-commerce businesses are choosing Think Intelligent Media to boost their online sales due to their track record of delivering measurable results.

Allocate more time to important tasks.

Our team will handle your campaign through our exclusive Meta DSP Platform, freeing up your time to concentrate on optimizing your website, creating compelling content, and improving your sales funnel.

Rely on a trustworthy brand.

Having been a programmatic industry innovator since 2009, we ensure that your campaigns benefit from top-tier data partners and ad networks, and are verified by industry-leading attribution methods.

Our Process for E-Commerce Businesses.

With Think Intelligent Media E-Commerce solution, advertisers can track the revenue generated by their ads, including the specific items purchased, sale confirmation IDs, time stamps, and even IP addresses for each transaction. This enables a comprehensive analysis of the impact of digital marketing campaigns, leading to data-driven decisions that can boost bottom-line growth.


Moreover, our unique ability to track every single sale is complemented by soft conversion data points, such as page views, cart additions, and checkout visits, offering a complete view of the ecommerce funnel. By identifying and addressing potential drop-off points, businesses can optimize their sales process and generate even more revenue.

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