Video Advertising

Video Advertising

Programmatic pre-roll, mid-roll, and post-roll video content allows you to tell your story like nothing else can.

Advantages of Programmatic Video Advertising:

  • Reach your audience on any device and across multiple platforms with ease, using our programmatic advertising solutions.
  • TYou will be charged only when a customer interacts with the ad.
  • Think Intelligent Media maximizes your ad dollars with programmatic technology and cross-channel competition. Reach the right audiences at the right time for maximum ROI.

An Overview of Our Product

At Think Intelligent Media, we deliver your video ads programmatically to your target audience using pre-, mid-, and post-roll formats. Our algorithms leverage multiple pathways to maximize your reach and efficiency, resulting in 2-5X the return of our competitors. You only pay for engagement and receive detailed reporting to track your ROI.


With no contracts required and an 89.6% client retention rate, we are confident in our ability to deliver results for your business. Join our client partners today.

Programmatic Video Ads: Varieties and Formats

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