Ott/Ctv Advertising

Ott/Ctv Advertising

CTV and OTT ads connect your brand with viewers enjoying premium video content, driving engagement and boosting brand recognition.

Advantages of OTT & CTV Advertising:

  • Accessible on various devices including connected TVs, TV streaming devices, gaming consoles, mobile phones, tablets, and desktop computers.
  • Think Intelligent Media tracks conversions from prospective customers to provide unique insights into the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns.
  • You only pay when customers engage with your ad, not just for impressions.

An Overview of Our Product

With Optimize OTT+CTV, Think Intelligent Media offers a targeted and measurable approach that traditional TV cannot match. Our behavioral data partnerships allow you to reach your ideal customers across all channels and devices.


Our Attribution Tracking technology lets you understand the performance of your connected TV campaigns by tracking users who complete a conversion on your website after watching an OTT+CTV commercial. You only pay when an individual completes your ad, not for impressions. Plus, you can track conversions from prospective customers who viewed your OTT+CTV ads, even on their Smart TVs.

Programmatic OTT + CTV ads come in various types.

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