Media & Device Agnostic

Media & Device Agnostic

Unleash your ad campaigns across every platform and gadget with no limitations.

Versatility across all systems

Media and device agnosticism refers to the seamless compatibility of computing components with various systems, without requiring any special modifications. At Think Iintelligent Media, we leverage this versatility to optimize the best combination of media channels and device types – mobile, tablet, laptop/desktop, and smart television.


Unlike relying on a single network or a few popular ones, we integrate with all networks and demand-side platforms (DSPs) to access all available impressions. Our media and device agnostics enable us to bring all media outlets to the table, adjust them in real-time on connected devices, and ensure maximum performance.

Versatile Compatibility Across Devices

Responsive design is centered around device-agnosticism, prioritizing functionality and aesthetics across all devices. At Write Think Intelligent Media, we recognize the importance of device agnosticism and embrace it as a crucial aspect of our operation. Our approach involves real-time adjustments for optimal effectiveness through a diverse range of display ads such as banners, videos, content, and social media.


These ads are enriched with top-notch behavioral data, spanning a wide array of networks, and optimized with cutting-edge technology for maximum conversion tracking. Our platform is compatible with all connected devices, with an unwavering focus on performance, enabling us to deliver efficient banner-based display advertising services across all networks and channels. Through real-time bidding (RTB), we generate increased traffic, conversions, and sales, elevating your digital marketing presence and providing high ROI.

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