Measurement & Validation

Measurement & Validation

Our approach to campaign performance is anything but guesswork.

Prevent ad fraud from harming your campaigns.

Due to the prevalence of fraudulent and malicious activities online, along with limited attribution tracking, accurately measuring and validating marketing results can be a daunting task.


At Think Intelligent Media, we recognize the importance of eliminating and preventing fraudulent activity from programmatic systems in order to track and measure advertising results accurately. Over the years, we have developed a strong expertise in this area and have become adept at identifying and stopping ad fraud. In fact, we have been successful in stopping 130% more ad fraud than industry averages, while also providing proper attribution to determine what is truly effective. With our expertise, you can trust us to help you achieve your advertising goals without any guesswork.

Advanced Reporting and Attribution Dashboard

With complete access to our dashboard, we provide comprehensive, easy-to-read reports on the performance of your marketing investments. We also offer full attribution tracking, including data such as:


  • Type of conversion
  • Device used for conversion
  • Level of interaction
  • Date and time of conversion
  • IP address of conversion
  • Referral pages of conversion, and more


Our aim is to drive maximum engagement and conversions across various networks, devices, and mediums while maintaining the integrity of our ad performance measurement by eliminating fraudulent activity.


At Think Intelligent Media, we understand that only a small percentage of consumers, approximately 1%, click on ads. The majority of users who do not click on ads may still visit your website at a later time through a search. However, tracking these users can be challenging. Despite these obstacles, we strive to optimize the performance of your campaigns and provide you with the most accurate reporting possible.

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